2019 Conference Venue

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5th edition of Agile & Automation Days will be in a very exceptional place.

The building of the Museum of II World War is a new architectural pearl in the heart of Gdańsk.

The building has about 23,000 square metres of floor area, of which the space reserved for the permanent exhibition covers around 5,000 square metres. This exhibition uses the most modern methods to present the Second World War from the perspective of big-power politics but, primarily, through the fates of ordinary people.

The design od the building works as a peculiar architectural language.

The museum’s spatial division into three areas symbolizes the relationships between the wartime past, the present and the future:

  • the past is hidden on the building’s underground levels,
  • the present appears in the open space around the building
  • and the future is expressed by its rising protrusion, which includes a viewing platform.

Its authors, Kwadrat studio, have called their project a silent design, intended to evoke powerful emotions and deep reflection.

The expressive solid stands at Wałowa Street, in the neighbourhood of Gdańsk Shipyard.

We are delighted this year’s Agile & Automation Days can be held in so meaningful and stunning space.
We can’t wait to meet you there!

Visit muzeum1939.pl to learn more about the Museum.