Call for Proposals 2020

Submission is closed (the deadline was 30 June 2020)


We face a lot of changes in the tech industry. It is said, the only constant in life is change. Change requires us to transform as individuals, as teams and as organisations. It requires courage and leaving our comfort zones.

In this chaos, there are things that hold true, no matter the circumstances. Principles. They are our baseline, our compass that navigates us through the new and undiscovered.

Transform to reach new horizons. Navigate with principles.


We invite you to go on a journey. Together, we’ll uncover transformations the industry currently goes through and what is waiting for us in the near future. We seek to unveil the underlying principles. The ones that still hold true, and those which have become obsolete and got replaced by others.

Consider this a multidimensional experience. We’re going to look at technology as well as people. Take a perspective of individuals, teams and organisations. All that to ease the process of change and transformation, and focus on gains and learnings that came from it.

Did you go through the change that has transformed you and, in the process, helped you uncover truths and principles of software development or quality assurance? We’d like to hear about your experience.

We’re especially interested in topics that cover the following areas:

  • Transformation. Change you, your team or organisation went through. What transformation awaits us in the future?
  • Quality. Is its definition changing? How does it look in startups and in corporate environments? How will it look in the future?
  • Agile. Is it changing? Is it over and waiting to be replaced?
  • Principles. In the field of software development, quality, leadership, automation and architecture.
  • Anti-principles. Identifying false magic bullets. Questioning “best” practices.
  • Automation. Is it transforming? What has changed and what we can expect.
  • Continuous feedback. Driving development with tests. Balancing automated tests with anomaly detection.
  • Lean. Theory of constraints in development pipelines. Continuous improvement in the world of technology.
  • Change. Managing change in startup and corporate environments.
  • Lessons learnt. Quality of products built on top of distributed systems or machine learning algorithms.
  • Experiment. Antifragility, resilience and chaos. Quality in experiment-driven organisations.
  • Ethics. Software impact on the environment. A human and a society as new quality attributes.
  • Perspective. Building human-centric software. Usability, accessibility and performance.
  • Communication. Its evolution and the impact on quality.


We’re looking for the following forms of expressions, all done in English:

  • 30 minute presentations,
  • 90 minute coding sessions,
  • 150 minute workshops,
  • expert panels,
  • plus other forms you’d like to share with us.


Benefits for speakers

  • Opportunity to present knowledge in front of a large and demanding auditorium,
  • Free participation in the entire conference and other accompanying events,
  • Registration of (selected) presentations and their online publication via Agile & Automation Days YouTube channel,
  • Accommodation in a hotel – two nights stay (25-27/10/2020),
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses:

– limit travel for Poland: 500 PLN
– limit for travel from Europe: 250 euro
– limit for travel outside Europe: 500 euro.


Submission is closed (the deadline was 30 June 2020)

The heads of the Programme Committee of this year’s edition who will evaluate your applications are Aleksandra Kunysz, Bart Szulc and Michał Kujałowicz.