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Call for Proposals 2019 open!

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Delivery at Speed

Call for Papers for the 5th edition of Agile & Automation Days is now open! We invite Speakers to submit their proposals for both presentations and/or workshops during Agile & Automation Days that will be on 28-29th October in Gdańsk, Poland.…

Create Marketplace of ideas and join Open Space during A&A Days

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While every year we encourage Agile & Automation Days attendees to actively participate in the conference as its success depends just partially on how good presentations and workshops are and mostly on how much you learn from each other by exchanging ideas in discussions behind the scenes. This year part we go a step further,…

Face uncertainty and intensify learning about Leadership with A&A Days Experts

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Agile and Automation Days 2018 theme is: “Face uncertainty, intensify learning”. This motto was guiding us to find best presentations and motivated us to come up with new and challenging conference forms which would give attendees opportunity to intensively learn from others experiences and hopefully find solutions to their problems.…

Agile & Automation Days 2018- what you need to know

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about the event

Dear Participants! Agile & Automation Days Conference is coming soon so it is time to summarize the most important organizational information. The conference will take place on 15-16 of October in Krakow.…