Meet Agile & Automation Days 2018 speaker- Konrad Marszałek

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Meet Konrad Marszałek whose life motto is “Make work productive and enjoyable for myself and others, especially by means of automation.”

Join Konrad’s beginner level workshop during Agile & Automation Days and Kickstart your performance testing. Let him take you on a pragmatic trip through web application performance testing. You will start with low-effort activities taking rough assumptions to get immediate results. Then you will learn what drawbacks and trade-offs we’ve made and try to improve accuracy of our measurements.

The main goal of A&A Days hands-on workshops is to put emphasis on practical knowledge. That is why Konrad in given 2 hours will not go into details. He will cut theory to bare minimum. He will concentrate on specific, hands-on examples showing value of given approach. After each example you will be tasked to execute similar exercise during the workshop.

Let Konrad the chance to convince you that performance testing is not a secret knowledge for chosen ones. Learn variety of attempts to performance testing and portfolio of tools that will help you test performance.

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