Meet Agile & Automation Days 2018 speaker- Łukasz Rosłonek

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Meet Agile & Automation Days speaker- Łukasz Rosłonek, a dedicated Test Engineer who advices teams in implementing continuous delivery solutions with use of test automation and TestOps practices.

In Łukasz’s talk you will go step-by-step through designing and implementing end-to-end testing framework for microservices. You will dive into isolating environments, test strategy, code and automation. All of this based on lessons learnt from building automated a test solution for the real-world, complex distributed architecture.

Join this session to learn robust test automation strategy for microservices architecture, technical challenges of testing distributed architecture and domain modeling approach in automated tests composition. What is more you will be taught tools and frameworks for implementing REST API test automation and how to handle Asynchronous communication and message architecture in test automation. Also you will learn how to build microservice CD and Engineering pipeline around test automation and how to implement complex REST-API test automation solutions.

Łukasz specialises in testing distributed architecture and connecting agile mindset with top notch technology. Big enthusiast of open-source software and continuous testing approach. He is an author of the blog and a frequent speaker at various IT events.

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