Meet Agile & Automation Days 2018 speaker- Tomasz Kropiewnicki

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For Agile & Automation Days speaker Tomasz Kropiewnicki thing is not done until it is gone.

Have you considered that when you put the stories, products and services in the “done” column, they are far from “done”? In fact, they have just started they propper lifecycle!

In this session, Tomasz will share his experience and practical tools he uses to help organisations adopt optimal portfolio managing techniques, where the delivery is just a part of a broader product/service lifecycle. He will expand your perspective on the Product/service vs Project thinking and Agile Portfolio Management.

In essence, you are not done when your work hits real users on production but he would like to state the case that it finishes when it’s gone from any active use.

Tomasz is a passionate Agile Coach and Delivery Consultant on a mission of discovery. He spends his days creating high-performance teams and helping organisations reach excellence in software delivery and portfolio management. Recently he has been busy with helping a global retail Bank with managing the portfolio of their security services.

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