Meet Agile & Automation Days Speakers- Rick Tracy and Jacek Tomczak

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Meet Agile & Automation Days speaker Rick Tracy who bought a robot and decided to live in it and his colleague Jacek Tomczak who will tell you about Remote Working and Telepresence Tech.

Let them teach you that Skype and video chat doesn’t fulfill the needs of team culture. There are ways to be somewhere physically without being there in person. Team interaction is more than important information exchanges. Telepresence Robots can be used for far more than video chat. And do not forget that sometimes the fun move is also the best move.

Rick is an avid Test Philosopher, always up for a good debate, discussion or exploration of the many facets of Testing and Software Development in general. And now he does development, testing, requirements analysis, Agile scrummastering and test coordination for his consultancy company Hapalion and QualityMinds.

Jacek started his adventure with testing while working as an application tester in telco company. His favorite part of tester’s job is test strategy designing and test process optimization. Currently he is a part of QualityMinds in Poland and his main focus is agile testing team building.

Join their session and discover how to present during conference using Telepresence Robots.