Meet BEC Poland – Agile & Automation Days Sponsor!

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BEC Poland is a development center based in Warsaw, which supports BEC and Nykredit. We’re so proud having BEC as a Sponsor this year!

BEC is one of the biggest IT solutions providers for the Danish financial sector. Whereas, Nykredit is one of the biggest banks in Denmark, with a focus on mortgage products. Both companies are Danish and share common values like openness, trust, and professionalism.

BEC Poland focuses on the delivery of high quality and reliable products that meet customers’ needs. The main scope of their activities is to develop and support banking applications and deliver end-to-end solutions. They stay focused on creating a work culture based on cooperation, self-organizing, international teams and creating business value. They care about the personal development of our employees. That is why they put an effort into creating an environment with a learning culture that inspires people to use all of their potentials. They want to create opportunities to grow and fulfill ambitions for all of our staff.

Currently, they are 210 + specialists – and they are not afraid to say they are among the best and most skilled. Most of their employees have competencies such as Java, QA Automation, DevOps, Frontend, BI or Cobol. Teams are organized based on an agile setup and run in a scrum model. It is important everyone in BEC Poland understands, how important is to be agile in a rapidly changing business environment. This philosophy helps them in building teams of experts who share the same values and way of thinking. Agile and automation transition is still in progress, nevertheless, some basic goals have been achieved.

Joining BEC is an opportunity for you to share your knowledge, look for improvement, release your potential and build something great with them!

They are based in Warsaw Financial Center – downtown Warsaw on the 22nd, 23rd and 19th floor, so you can expect an amazing view from here.

If you like Scandinavian work culture, BEC is the right place! Work-life balance is one of their key value. So, expect to have little or no over hours, flexible working time and calm atmosphere in the office which doesn’t affect negatively on your private life. They have an open and relaxed attitude, where everyone is encouraged to speak their mind, they like to interact, being transparent and giving and receiving feedback.

Join BEC Poland and take a challenge in the project or at the football table.