Adam Bęben Sii

BIO: I am automated tests developer for a last few years. Working mostly on web applications UI testing, during last projects I have created few UI test frameworks using Selenium WebDriver, mostly on Java platform. I was also responsible for providing testing strategy and whole companys Continous Integration process. Recently I have mentored junior tests developers, occassionally provided test consulting also.

Today I am working in a large project with a lot of test developers involved and trying to improve qulity of delivered automated tests.

Presentation: Next steps to improve web apps automation test framework.
Partner Talk

In this presentation I will discover tools that can improve automated web applications tests creation. Presented solution is directed to users of Selenium WebDriver and Java language, which is a very popular solution for web applications end to end testing.

Discussed tools includes:

  • Groovy – dynamic JVM language
  • Spock – testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications
  • Gradle – build automation tool
  • Intellij IDEA IDE – IDE with great support for above tools

Presentation will explore benefits for developers, testers and Continous Integration pipeline.