Adrian Stokes Computershare

BIO: Very passionate tester who is world battled tested but retain my enthusiasm for testing and all related disiplines. I’m a part time poet who’s tried my hand at rapping but all in a testing context. Everything I share is in the hope of gaining some feedback to improve or help others improve through sharing. I blog at where you can find the Periodic Table of Testing which is an emerging visual heuristic of the testing universe designed to help me remember all the things I need to consider in my testing. Its then been further developed to help scoping new project with a Must, Should, Could categrisation.

Presentation: Accessibility, Assumptions and Arguments
session level: beginner

There is a massive assumption in software develpment that accessibility = disability. I’ll dispel that myth with information, examples and practical tips of how our assumptions are potentially costing us customers, making interactions harder and that the whole population has accessibility ‘issues’ with the applications we are building.


Attendees will learn about accessibility assumptions and how they cloud the small amount of attention we give it.
That accessibility actually affects approx 90% of all the ‘users’ who visit your site or use your app.
Some common mistakes we make when designing sites and applications.
A few tips the attendees can take away and apply the next day to improve the reach and impact their sites and applications can make.