Aleksander Zaleski Exploratory Tester

Exploratory Tester, Test Manager for Millenials, Researcher, Agile enthusiast, Procrastinator. Experience in Telecommunications, Investment Banking, Manufacturing, CRM systems etc. Enjoy sharing my experience and helping others to improve in their own way. When not testing I am playing and organizing Pub Quizes and similar intellectual challenges.

Worskhop: Selenide. Jumpstart your Test Automation

This talk is aimed to people who start their journey with Test Automation. In this workshop I want to show how to start a web automation project using Selenide.

Selenide is an open-source, free, stable test automation framework with concise API and community support. It can be an entry point to people who want to learn Selenium with Java, Groovy and even Scala. It can be used together with Junit, TestNG, JBehave, Cucumber and many other testing frameworks.

We will start a project from scratch and write several tests that solve typical web automation tasks in a simple and concise manner. This will be achieved by applying Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principles. We will cover basics of XPath and CSS Selectors, assertions, collections, custom matchers learn how to interact with different web elements (forms, radio button, dropdown menu etc.), get the idea of Page Object pattern and see how files can be uploaded and downloaded.

From more advanced side we will learn how Selenide simplifies usage of Waits that is of great help and saves a lot of time that otherwise would be spent on debugging, especially in applications that use Ajax.  Additionally, I will demonstrate how it helps to get rid of StaleElementExceptions and many more tips and tricks.