Alex Chumakin Backend QA, Juno

BIO: Backend QA Engineer in Juno, US startup company in the ride-sharing business with RND center in Minsk. I have many years in QA automation area. The most of them are in different backend systems. I have good experience in projects with huge numbers of GUI tests and that’s why I know why it’s really bad to develop and support tests for user interface and always try to bring this knowledge to audience.I was a mentor of many QA members, prepared different internal talks about QA Automation for all level specialists. Also, I’m a speaker in many local and international conferences.

Presentation followed with panel discussion: Honest, simple and fast isolation tests.[ENG]

In this talk I will show how to make many thousands of tests stable, honest and very fast. I’ll explain the main ideas and basic examples of our approaches to microservices testing. The talk will also contain some ideas how to work in huge backend team of strong engineers and to support stable system with daily releases.