Alexandra Schladebeck Agile Tester, Consultant, Product Owner, Bredex

Alex fell into IT and testing in 2005 and has never looked back. She is now Head of Software Quality and Test Consulting at BREDEX GmbH and spends her time working with test consultants, developers and customers to help them towards great quality.

You’ll usually find Alex talking about quality and how it affects the whole development process. She’s also a frequent speaker at conferences where she likes to share her project experiences and learn from other practitioners.

KEYNOTE: Whole Team Quality: In the same boat or up the creek? [ENG]

Those three little words. No, not those three, the other three:

“Whole Team Quality”.

We know that successful agile teams live and breathe by this principle. But what does it actually mean in practice – and what does it not definitely not mean?

In this keynote, I’ll look at techniques teams can use to evolve their testers and developers and to empower the team to (want to) be responsible for quality together – without suggesting that what we really need is just a great super role that can do everything. I’ll tell some stories about things that have and haven’t worked and I’ll address some of the questions and fears that come up when we talk about whole team quality.