Amit Zur Applitools

BIO: Amit is a software developer with a passion for happiness in code and design. He writes code and leads exciting agendas at Applitools to make visual testing accessible and easy for everyone. He strives to keep the web open and use technology for doing good. Amit is a Mozilla TechSpeaker, occasionally speaking about and contributing to Firefox devtools. He speaks at and organizes various meetups and conferences in Israel including Reversim Summit and Goodness Squad, a place for developers to contribute to open source projects.

Presentation: Async/await: the promised land
session level: advanced

Although JavaScript is an asynchronous language in its nature, it was only in the past year that a new syntax – Async/Await – was released to accommodate complicated asynchronous control flows. Adoption in the community was immediate. In today’s JavaScript it’s almost impossible to avoid the need for using async/await, and it’s supported in node and all the major browsers. In the automation realm, async/await helps to make tests more readable and maintainable.
By the end of this talk you will be able to rush back to your computer and start refactoring all your code. And to whomever already uses async/await we will discuss the quirks and tips of the syntax, as well as use cases for incorporating it in tests.