Anastasiia Naboikina Senior Software Test Development Engineer, Sii Poland

Bio: Originally from Ukraine, I have been working in Poland for 3.5 years now. I am experienced in a number of business domains, such as Cloud Computing, Medical industry devices, Intelligent Home Systems, and Enterprise Cloud Storage. I have tried myself in different roles, from a QA lead to a developer. I especially like working with dynamic programming languages, my favorite one is Python, but I also have expertise in React.js and node.js, which I acquired while being a part of a cross-functional team as a developer. I am a passionate perfectionist, always doing my best to improve myself and the world around me. My life principle is to never stop and move forward toward my dreams. Life is short and it should be bright, shouldn’t it? Speaking of hobbies, I am really into sports, music and active lifestyle. Fitness and cycling are my main sport passions. In my free time, I love to compose music and record new tracks on my synthesizer. I am really fond of jazz and progressive rock, I do both, listening and playing. One of my dreams for the future is to conquer the air. One day I would like to learn how to fly a small plane.

Presentation: Effective QA Task Management in Cross Functional teams [ENG]

Nowadays most of the companies start to follow more agile approach. Roles within the team become more and more blurred, making everyone focus on the goal, but not on the skills of the members. Business doesn’t wait and keeps setting tight deadlines. Engineering must react fast and adjust their daily tasks towards meeting the new needs.  So, how can we be productive in such conditions and most importantly deliver high quality products?

We will try to answer this question and dive into the meaning of cross functional team. During the presentation we will define solutions for top 5 important issues:

  • Unexpected tasks from other teams or business plans changes;
  • Constant context switching;
  • Visibility of current QA status;
  • QA/Dev task sharing within the team;
  • Long QA cycles before release.

A short demonstration will show how to setup such process on JIRA, how to separate test cases and test tasks and dev tasks and which types of tasks you may add to your project. Additionally there will be a short introduction how to use Zephyr test management tool and link the test cases with Jira tasks as part of Definition of Done. We will also cover how to share testing tasks with developers and how they can help with testing.  At the end we will look at the estimated results and analyze in which cases this approach might not work.