Anton Angelov Quality Assurance Architect @ Innovative Lab, CEO @ Automate The Planet

BIO: I am Anton Angelov, a Quality Assurance Architect at Innovative Lab. I am passionate about automation testing and designing test harness and tools, having the best industry development practices in mind. Furthermore, I am an active blogger and the CEO of Automate The Planet. I am ardent about technologies such as C#, .NET Framework, T4, WPF, SQL Server, Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins. I won MVP status at Code Project (2016, 2017) and MVB (Most Valuable Blogger) at DZone.

Workshop: Hero’s Journey to Perfect System Tests – Eight Assessment Criteria for Tests’ Architecture Design

What is the quest of every QA Hero? It is to find the golden recipe for the perfect system tests’ design- describing how to achieve fast, reliable, easy to understand and maintain tests. Anton Angelov is going to tell you his story of how he managed to complete this quest. The journey is going to introduce common problems and mistakes to you in the process of designing test automation frameworks, such as not following single responsibility principle, not enough code reuse, and bad object-oriented programming (OOP) design. The author is going to share with you how he and his teammates managed to solve these issues through the application of eight assessment criteria. Usually, people want to improve their tests but do not have quality metrics to determine which version of their improvements is most beneficial to their projects. The presented assessment framework can help you to figure out which is the best possible enhancement that you need to introduce into your system tests and so make them more stable, reliable and maintainable. – workshop
Together with the attendees, we will evaluate three different test writing approaches. We will write tests together using the presented strategies and then use the system to assess the solutions. Though the accumulated results, we will find out which approach is the best one.