Dana Aonofriesei Trustpilot

BIO: I got in love with software testing and quality assurance 6 years ago and I’m still in love with it and loyal to it by continuously learning and challenging my own biases. During last 6 years I tried different roles and assignments like: Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Analyst, Scrum Master, Head of Quality Assurance and each one of those roles helped me become what I am today: a passionate leader when comes to product quality and an enthusiastic testing & quality evangelist within the company I work for.

Workshop: Test automation strategy cards game
session level: beginner

Rules of the game:
Working groups of max 5 will get a cards deck with Strategy, Challenge and Jocker cards (Jocker can be a test automation solution, a crazy and disruptive idea or a challenge) and a worksheet for writing/drawing their strategy (solutions, concerns)
The game is split in: Round 1, Pitches & Challenges, Round 2, Pitches and winners.
Teams can choose from the deck as many Strategy cards as needed.
Each team member must choose at least 1 card.
Must choose at least 3 Challenge cards and 1 Jocker card.
There are 6 blank cards in the deck: 2 Strategy, 2 Challenge and 2 Jockers. Write on it what you think suitable for your strategy or hand it over to other teams.
In the “Pitches and Challenges” stage, teams must challenge with cards from their deck the strategies presented by other teams.
The working groups should explore the topics mentioned on the cards, engage with other teams or ask the facilitator.
Final score=how many cards were included in their strategy + the facilitator vote. Winners will get funny diplomas and badass badges. Funny test automation stickers for everybody!
Example of a Strategy card=Test Data (generate, create, maintain, delete test data).


  • learn to shape a test automation strategy
  • discover new solutions, challenges, approaches
  • share your knowledge
  • pitch your strategy
  • win a badass badge