Iza Goździeniak Allegro

BIO: I’m Lean & Lead Agile Coach at Allegro. Satisfied users, happy clients and motivated teams who know why and who they do things for are the essence of my work. I help teams cooperate effectively using proper lean and agile practices and find the best ways to achieve their goals. For over 10 years I have been engaged in E-commerce. I have experience in working with product, services, operations and infrastructure teams and start-ups. I also keep a Product Owner perspective as I used to be one of a start-up.

Workshop: The art of improving
session level: interm & advanced

Inspect and adapt are the core pillars of Scrum and other agile methods of work. It’s easy to say, but more difficult to implement. Many teams have regular sprint retrospectives, yet they don’t improve or improve very slowly. They establish new actions during each retro, but don’t change their behaviour during sprint. Maybe it’s time to change attitude and use different tools to make good things happen. During workshops you will discover what supports deep change and improvement and why it’s not that easy to change.


Focusing on symptoms leads to difficulties with improving and big steps make it even worse.