Kamila Gawrońska Vattenfall IT Services Poland

BIO: Kamila is an engineer in the blood and bones. For more than 6 years she has worked in various roles – working as a QA, UX Designer and Business Analyst in various domains (construction, automotive, healthcare) and projects.

As a QA – many of her responsibilities are related to building and maintaining test environments. She designs web and mobile applications, takes care of functional and automated tests, works with BDD, programs in Ruby, gather requirements and takes care about usability tests.

Dedicated Agile evangelist and advocate of full-stack employee attitude, represented by developing interdisciplinary skills in a team. She advocates that on the blog at https://leanqa.pl.

Workshop: Cloud Computing for Quality Engineers
session level: intermediate
co-speaker: Wojciech Gawroński

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular in IT world. Cloud native approach even says that cloud is the new norm. However, is it the same story for the quality engineers?

Public cloud brings a lot to the table – as a typical tool it has advantages and disadvantages. For testers that often seems to be neutral at first, but in the long run, introduces much friction that in the past was not present at all.

Our goal is to show during a workshop what cloud computing can give QA people. In two hours we can start the conversation about how it may help in typical tasks, and we show a few recipes for solving everyday problems. Everything presented with examples and practical exercises in AWS.


  • Evangelize about cloud computing.
  • Showing how QA/TestOps can leverage public cloud provider based on AWS examples.
  • Expanding horizons and broadening the knowledge when it comes to DevOps cultur.
  • Enabling QAs for being more independent when it comes to managing a test infrastructure in cloud environments.