Keynote: Bas Dijkstra

BIO: Bas is an independent test automation trainer and consultant who takes pride in helping teams and organizations improve their testing efforts through smart application of tools. He consults with clients to help them take their first or their next step in test automation, or to help them get unstuck when they feel that their current test automation doesn’t provide the value it could.

Bas is an experienced trainer on various subjects related to testing and automation, delivering workshops and courses in house with clients and at conferences both in the Netherlands and abroad on a regular basis.

Bas lives in the Netherlands with his wife and two sons and when he is not working he likes to run or to read a good book (particularly British detective novels).

You can contact him at or on LinkedIn.


KEYNOTE: Test automation: Put on the brakes so you can go fast

A solid set of reliable automated tests acts like the brakes on a car. As J.B. Rainsberger put it some 5 years ago: How fast would you dare to drive when your car doesn’t have brakes? In a similar vein: how fast do you dare to release your software when you have no idea about the quality of your product? Unfortunately, a lot of test automation efforts weigh teams down, instead of allowing them to go faster. So, what can we do about that?

In this talk, I’ll dive deeper into why good test automation acts like the brakes on a car, why a lot of test automation projects end up like a brake job gone horribly wrong, and what you can do to make your test automation allow you to go faster by acting like a good set of brakes. You’ll see plenty of examples from test automation projects I’ve seen and worked on in my 14 years as a consultant, the mistakes I have made and how these could have been prevented.