Konrad Marszałek Spartez

BIO: I have 10-years of experience in software quality assurance divided by 2 cities (Kraków and Gdańsk) and 3 companies. I had pleasure to work for successful startup, middle-sized company with cloud product, and large company with product used by 30k customers. I like to implement simple solutions that make a difference. My motto is “Make work productive and enjoyable for myself and others, especially by means of automation.”

Workshop: Kickstart your performance testing
session level: beginner

Do you test performance when your team develops new feature? Why not? Performance testing is often found as difficult and omitted by testers.

I’d like to take you on a pragmatic trip through web application performance testing. We’ll start with low-effort activities taking rough assumptions to get immediate results. Then we’ll learn what drawbacks and trade-offs we’ve made and try to improve accuracy of our measurements.

We’ll exercise various scenarios so that you can grasp broad, holistic approach to the topic:

  • Performance checks during exploratory testing (e.g. Fiddler, Charles proxy, YSlow, Chrome dev tools)
  • Load generation (e.g. JMeter, Gatling)
  • Application Performance Management solutions (e.g. New Relic)
  • Utilising staging/dogfooding/demo environments to learn about performance
  • Monitoring tools (e.g. ELK, Splunk, Grafana, Graphite)
  • Data volume testing
  • Using Selenium to get client side performance metrics

Given 2 hours I’ll not go into details of above aspects. I’ll cut theory to bare minimum. I’ll concentrate on specific, hands-on examples showing value of given approach.
After each example you’ll be tasked to execute similar exercise during our workshop.


  • Convince that performance testing is not a secret knowledge for chosen ones.
  • Learn variety of attempts to performance testing.
  • Learn portfolio of tools that will help you test performance.