Łukasz Szczęsny Devskiller

BIO: Łukasz is an experienced system engineer with a solid background in GNU/Linux systems administration. He is an enthusiast of Free and Open Source Software and Open Hardware. Co-organizer of Warsaw Linux User Group. Fan of DevOps and automation. Currently, he is dealing with infrastructure at Devskiller. Trainer at Bottega IT Minds.

Presentation: Infrastructure as code simplified by conventions
session level: beginner

Infrastructure, especially in a cloud-based environment is complex, dynamic and consists of many unique components. If you take a quick look under the hood of any cloud-based infrastructure project, you will find that many of elements involved are tightly intertwined leading to higher maintenance costs and a chaotic environment. Fortunately, using infrastructure as code goes a long way to resolving these issues but if consistent standards are not enforced, you may be left with the same kind of mess you were trying to avoid in the first place. In this presentation, I’ll show how easily you can define your whole infrastructure stack, including all of the myriad relationships between components and the standards that govern them. Implementing this approach will make managing your systems easy to do and scalable.


  • Infrastructure as code benefits
  • What are the challenges and how to solve them
  • Using convention over configuration approach
  • Most popular tools overview with examples