Mark Hrynczak Cloud Quality Engineering Manager, Atlassian

BIO: I’ve led QA and QE teams – large and small, agile and waterfall, local and distributed. I believe in solving the right problems at the right time, rather than a standard approach. I build high-performing, balanced, and adaptable teams; I help dev teams achieve excellence; and I foster a culture of innovation. Sometimes I code, but rarely to production-quality.

Presentation followed with panel discussion: Do Less Testing [ENG]

Testing is not a vital function. What we actually want is high-quality software. A development team able to produce better code and ship better features – while also reducing the time invested into testing cycles – is a more efficient, higher-performing team.

Testing is seen as crucial in many organisations, because it is where potentially serious problems are found. It is the last line of defence against low-quality releases. This perspective leads to counterproductive results – longer release cycles, inevitable duplication of effort, and low flexibility around release dates.

I’ll talk about proven methods to break out of this cycle of dependence, and reduce the reliance on testing. I’ll cover:
• Mindset – how quality-awareness in developers and their managers can reduce time spent on testing
• Accountability – how putting the responsibility for quality onto developers leads to better code
• Alignment – how a shared understanding of quality across the entire team facilitates good decision-making
• Process – how quality considerations can be integrated to minimise rework maximise efficiency
• Measurement – how valid use of metrics can help teams improve
• Techniques – how alternatives to testing can improve quality outcomes
• Automation – how effective use of automated tests and deployments can increase the team’s dev speed