Michał Krzyżanowski Cognifide / AutomatingGuy

BIO: An experienced Senior QA Engineer. Test automation specialist, trainer, and evangelist. Technical testing, CI/CD, and Test/DevOps enthusiast. A QA Lead responsible for quality-related aspects throughout the project lifecycle, now also a consultant helping others with automating their work. He regularly searches how to improve even the good solutions.
Embraces his love of discussing things as one of the DebatQA co-hosts. Speaker at meetups and conferences. Blogger at automatingguy.com.

Presentation: Evolving as a QA. Do you still care about quality?
session level: intermediate

Industry and technology evolves more and more dynamically. So does the role of Quality Assurance. Do we even still name it like that in the age of DevOps, microservices, ML, AI, serverless, etc.? Who are we nowadays? What exactly is our role?
Are we still the focusing on delivering the best possible software or do we prefer chasing all the buzzwords, new technologies, and methodologies industry throw at us?

In my talk, I would like to tell you a story of a guy who went from a total greenhorn in IT, to a guy leading in a projects for clients from the Fortune 500 list – my story.
It is going to be a bit personal, a bit controversial but hopefully in the end, also optimistic.
I want to show you how I evolved as a tester, QA and most importantly, an engineer. I want to share what parts of the surrounding changes I happily embrace and what parts I hate and I am sad to see.

Based on my observations on the industry, many interviews, countless discussions during conferences and meetups, and of course my personal experience I would like to explore the evolution of QA role.


  • why you should not care about labels put on different roles
  • how do you combine innovation and the urge of experimentation with a tight budget and schedule
  • how do you satisfy the client who still lives in the previous era, while using modern approaches and keeping it enjoyable for both you and your team
  • why the often forgotten basics are still needed, regardless of whatever fancy methodology you work in or flashy new technology you implement
  • why focusing on people is more crucial than on KPIs, metrics
  • why psychology, empathy, and ethics are as critical as the arsenal of tools, libraries, and techniques you might have
  • why it is ok to admit as a quality-focused person that ‘good enough is perfect’


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