Milena Sobolewska-Leśniewska

Egnyte | Poland

BIO: QA Lead with 9+ years of practice. Accomplished in automation, as well as regular testing. Experienced mostly with desktop solutions. Passionate, opinionated and conscientious but always open and eager to learn something new.

TALK: Why to train your replacement (even if you’re not leaving)

Session level: intermediate

Our value for the organisation is based on our unique talents and skills. Training and mentoring own replacement is not endangering our position, on the contrary, is actually helping us to grow. I’ll tell my own story of realising this, and present pros of mentoring a real successor.

Session abstract

  1. Intro.
  2. Difference between talent, skill and knowledge.
  3. Why to train your replacement?
  4. Mistakes I’ve made in how I was training my replacements, lessons learned.
  5. Summary and Q&A.



  • What’s the difference between talent, skill and knowledge.
  • How training your replacement helps you.
  • How NOT to train your replacement, mistakes I did.