Noemi Ferrera Netease

BIO: Noemi is a software engineer passionate about technology and testing. She has been in and out of testing roles and has always strive for quality, automation and tooling creation to ease the entire development process. She has worked in multinational companies (such IBM, Microsoft and Dell) and also in a startup in Ireland. Currently she has reallocated to China and she is working for Netease games.

Presentation: Using AI to conquer uncertainty in games
session level: beginner / intermediate

For a game to be fun and challenging, it should incorporate some degree of uncertainty. This could bring up many issues that are particularly hard to solve when testing.

In this talk, I will share my experience and the new challenges that I found when I moved from other disciplines to a game company. We will explore some real examples of games that are uncertain and the solutions used to conquer automation.

One of the solutions I will introduce is “Airtest project”. I will explain how it works internally with AI in order to find uncertain, changeable objects.

Finally, we will explore new ways that we are going to find uncertainty in games in the future and how can we possible tackle automation for them.


By attending to this talk, you will gain applicable knowledge to overcome uncertainty in any application, learn about a new useful tool for testing, some AI concepts and have some fun with my real life struggles in the gaming world.