Remigiusz Dudek Agile testing trainer

BIO: Remigiusz Dudek – an Agile testing trainer and a member of a mature Agile team, for years working on assuring quality not only of a software but also quality of a software development process. In his career he worked on various positions: as a developer, tester, test leader, project manager, QA Engineer. Such variety of experience gives him an opportunity to look at a given problem from many perspectives and choose the optimal solution. Currently, he’s been working on a position of QA Engineer assuring quality of banking systems for over 5 years.

Presentation: How Classic QA/Test Management tools can improve your agility? [ENG]

High quality software does not just happen by chance. It requires lots of effort to assure quality. Since lots of effort usually corresponds to lots of money it needs to be properly managed, hence proper management tools are needed. One always has to pick tools that would work best under given circumstances. During my talk I will focus on agile environment (the one that truly requires short turn around in terms of responding to change) and a long living software (I will not talk about short 1-6 months projects). Having the environment defined I will show not only how using classic tools can be replaced with other tools more suitable for agile teams but also how using classic tools may do harm.

I’ve done some research (on various conferences and forums) to gather reasons why people usually need test management tools, here is fairly complete list:
– to measure how effective is Test Suite
– test execution report
– test execution progress management
– coverage in terms of code
– coverage in terms of business requirements
– traceability
– optimize test suite
– store test cases
– plan test case creation/execution
– facilitate learning for New Joiner

My experience shows that whenever you need a separate Test management tool to satisfy any from the above needs, it indicates that you’re doing something in a sub-optimal way, and it can be done better.
The only thing I’ve found so far that you can do little about is Audit – if in order to get ISO-9XXX badge, you need to have certain tools, what can you do? Educate auditors, but that’s a c.