Sjoerd Houben


BIO: I’ve been a professional developer for coming up 6 years and have over the past year learned some really interesting things about who I am as a developer and how I can offer value to those I work with and for. I’m keen to share this knowledge because I feel a lot of other developers in the early stages of their career probably share the same sense of confusion. Helping others is something I really enjoy, and I also enjoy talking about things that I’m very passionate about. I have started interacting more with the development community and from the positive results I’ve had I am really keen to do more in this direction.

TALK: Mobbing For The Win

Session level: beginner

So mob programming is kind of weird – or that’s how it can look at first. Lots of people, 1 screen, 1 keyboard… it’s a bit… unnatural.

But after giving it a try for almost a year, I’m hooked! We tried different things, tweaking as we go. Not everything worked, but we’ve evolved into a way of working that is *seriously* enjoyable and, better still, really effective! People can tend to shy away from it out of unfamiliarity. I want to show what it can look like from first-hand experience and offer some things people can try for themselves in their own context.


  • Realisation that multiple people around the same screen does not decrease productivity
  • A new idea on how to learn new skills from one another
  • A possibility of delivering end to end vertical slice faster.