Szymon Ramczykowski Lead Test Engineer, Kainos

BIO: I have been a Tester since 2009. Being involved in various projects, my main interests have been automation and improvements in software development processes. Through years of experience, I evolved from a bug hunter to bug preventer. Within my current role I am focused on ensuring that automated tests are giving right benefits to the organization. After hours, I am a happy father, husband, traveler and guitar player.

Presentation: Scalability of good practises: How to deliver a complex product with 6 scrum teams and not go insane.
session level: intermediate

While the business is running and product expanding, the development team is growing. Startup crew with 1 scrum team transforms into mature organisation with 6 scrum teams and over 70 people involved in the development process. Testing is in the middle of this from the very beginning. In startup culture there is often no time for doing automation, all is tested manually. This implicates so called testing debt, which might be difficult to address when company is growing. There are plenty of good practices, that helps team to tackle such issues, but implementing those for larger organisation, working on one product, might be tricky.

During this presentation we would like to show the journey of our team, where on the beginning, testing was time consuming, repeatable, manual job designated only for test engineers, to the place where testing is key creative activity done by all team members.


  • How Test Engineers role evolved
  • Tools and techniques used depending on context
  • Finding best possible combination of business value and people needs
  • Empowering people to do improvements by their own