Marcel Gehlen Team Lead for technical testing, MaibornWolff

BIO: Marcel Gehlen is team lead for technical testing at MaibornWolff. He started out as a developer, who always had more fun testing his code than actually writing it and therefore decided to switch careers. Marcel worked in various industries spanning from automotive to customer loyalty programs.
After almost ten years testing software his focus currently lies on test automation and exploratory testing. He currently has the pleasure of testing one of Germany’s most used mobile apps, especially the new mobile payment functionality.
Marcel tweets as @Marcel_Gehlen and occasionally blogs on

Workshop: (Re)invent your test strategy
co-speaker: Beren Van Daele

Testing is a craft, but it is also and for many foremost a job. A job you do day in day out, evolving with all the rituals every employee develops over time. These rituals, together with all sorts of other external factors (deadlines, pressure, etc.) often means that we don’t have a test strategy or that we are no longer reconsidering the strategies we set out from the start. Having the right strategy in testing is important to stay as efficient and effective as you can be.

This workshop wants to reignite your strategic fire by placing you in small groups with your fellow testers. Together you will devise a strategy for a real life product which includes methods, tools and planning. However, just like in reality the context will change, and our strategy must change accordingly to aptly react to that change. The workshop will use the TestSphere cards as a support to spark discussions and for bolstering your strategy.


  1. You will work as a team to discuss and describe a strategy to tackle a real life case and problem.
  2. You will work out a proposal to convince your manager which can involve tools, methods and planning.
  3. You will use TestSphere as a tool to uncover unknown-unknowns and strengthen your strategy.