Wojciech Gawroński

Lean QA | Poland

BIO: After tackling major scaling and performance challenges in the education, eCommerce, public transport, analytics fields and the hyper performant world of real-time bidding (RTB), Wojtek chooses to be a co-founder of Pattern Match (https://pattern-match.com). All of that work is strongly connected with attention to the details and software quality. His code helped to power a multi-billion transaction platform, distributed across the globe. He strongly believes in Cloud Computing and DevOps culture – he transformed several companies into those areas. He is not afraid to change hats when there is a need for it, as he strongly believes in full-stack employee attitude.

In the spare time, he is giving talks on various IT-related meet-ups and conferences, co-organizig meetups in Silesian region (including Functional Miners), blogging and reading a lot of books.

WORKSHOP: Secure and Testable Immutable Infrastructure

Co-Speaker: Kamila Gawrońska
Session level: intermediate

Immutable Infrastructure is one of the most popular mechanisms for providing deliverables in cloud computing and cloud-native environments. In the era where most of the IT projects uses Docker containers or cloud computing, container, and machine images become one of the artifacts of the software development lifecycle. How we can ensure that we can deliver and maintain those artifacts with a proper level of quality? How to ensure that security patching and maintenance does not introduce new issues to the process? The answer is related to testable and secured immutable infrastructure which you are able to achieve implementing some best practices to your delivery process.


  • Learn about how to automate tests of the infrastructure images or configuration management
  • Learn about how to automate security compliance testing
  • Learn how to introduce testability and security compliance to the Infrastructure as Code.