Wojciech Gawroński Pattern Match

BIO: After tackling significant scaling and performance challenges in the eLearning, eCommerce, public transport, analytics fields and the hyper performant world of real-time bidding (RTB), Wojtek chooses to be an independent IT consultant.

All of that work strongly connected with attention to the details and software quality. Wojtek’s code helped to power a multi-billion transaction platform, distributed across the globe. He firmly believes in Cloud Computing and DevOps culture – he transformed several companies into those areas. He is not afraid to change hats when there is a need for it, as he firmly believes in full-stack employee attitude.

In the spare time, he is a speaker on various IT-related meet-ups and conferences, co-organizing meetups in Silesian region, blogging at http://afronski.pl and reading many books.

Workshop: Cloud Computing for Quality Engineers
Co-speaker: Kamila Gawrońska
session level: intermediate

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular in IT world. Cloud native approach even says that cloud is the new norm. However, is it the same story for the quality engineers?

Public cloud brings a lot to the table – as a typical tool it has advantages and disadvantages. For testers that often seems to be neutral at first, but in the long run, introduces much friction that in the past was not present at all.

Our goal is to show during a workshop what cloud computing can give QA people. In two hours we can start the conversation about how it may help in typical tasks, and we show a few recipes for solving everyday problems. Everything presented with examples and practical exercises in AWS.


    • Evangelize about cloud computing.
    • Showing how QA/TestOps can leverage public cloud provider based on AWS examples.
    • Expanding horizons and broadening the knowledge when it comes to DevOps cultur.
    • Enabling QAs for being more independent when it comes to managing a test infrastructure in cloud environments.