„UI Automation with Selenide” with Alexei Vinogradov

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testerzy.pl, together with the Agile & Automation Days, invite you to a unique workshop „UI Automation with Selenide”.

The workshop will be led by Alexei Vinogradov, a Selenide developer, whose presentation was one of the points of this year’s conference agenda. Alexei showed how Selenide copes with typical web automation problems, and how the KISS-Driven Test Automation principle applies to the framework.

The presentation was highly appreciated by its participants, whose feedback was as follows:
“Good practical and short presentation”
“Interesting talk describing selenide capabilities”
“A lot of practical knowledge”.

This time we’d like to invite you to an extended, 2-day workshop dedicated to Selenide:
„UI Automation with Selenide (Beginners’ Level)”
26-27th February 2018, Warsaw.

The workshop will be in English.

About workshop
As Selenium WebDriver is known to be a tool for browser automation and not for testing, we are doomed to use some testing frameworks to get efficient at automating web tests. But should every project reinvent the wheel? My answer is – “no!”.
Selenide is a well-known matured (first release in 2011) web test automation framework with a large community, which has already solved almost every typical web automation problem. Just write your web tests in concise, easy to read manner, and concentrate on your business problems and not on taming your browsers.
In this class you will learn how to configure and start using Selenide from scratch in your project. While learning basics, we will be solving typical web automation tasks with real application exactly the way you would be doing it on your job!

Attendee should bring basic understanding of Java, and at least some thoughts about how and why to write automated web tests in general.

Topics to cover
• Starting a web automation project
• Writing and executing tests in general (JUnit/Gradle/Maven)
• Testing with different configurations
• Writing readable & maintainable code
• CSS Selectors / XPath
• Selenide API
• PageObject pattern
• Testing using CloudServices (BrowserStack, SauceLabs)

About the Expert
Alexei has been working on various IT projects in Germany for almost 20 years. He consults about quality assurance, test automation and about how to keep calm and be a good tester. Alexei is one of the developers of Selenide. The founder and moderator of Radio QA podcast.

Note: The number of seats is limited, the participants will be handled on a first-come-first-service basis. The deadline for booking ends on 2nd February 2018.

Location: Warsaw, 28 Krucza St. (Hotel Mercure Warszawa Grand)
Price: 2 700,00 PLN net
Date: 26-27th February 2018 (Mon.-Tues.)
Number of seats: 12.

Daria Wrzesień
email: daria.wrzesien@testerzy.pl
tel. (+48) 533 315 222.

At the end, we invite you to watch Alexei’s presentation from this year’s conference edition.