2018 Presentations

We would like to share with some of the 2018 Agile & Automation Days presentations.


Amit Zur “Async/await: the promised land”

Stephen Janaway “Check This – Test Automation, A Development Managers View”

Noemi Ferrera “Using AI to conquer uncertainty in games”

Dmitry Lyubarskiy “Scaling Testing @ Facebook”

Karen N Johnson “Making Test Automation Visible: Why & How”

Anand Bagmar “Measuring Consumer Quality – The Missing Feedback Loop”

Marcin Grzejszczak & Olga Maciaszek Sharma “Building Resilient Microservices”

Tomasz Kropiewnicki “It’s not done until it’s gone!”

Lina Zubyte “It’s Tricky: Chatbots & QA”