Agile & Automation Afternoons



Let’s meet together during two afternoons filled with talks on the hottest topics in the tech and quality industry!
Six online sessions and expert panels in a safe-distance are waiting for you to join this September.

The upcoming A&A Afternoons feature such topics as: microservice architecture, distributed systems,
learning from past incidents, API and Consumer-Driven Contracts, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, IoT and next generation smart devices.

2020 Speakers

Who awaits you at A&A Afternoons?

Experts Panel

2020 Agenda (UTC/GMT +2 hours)

How to attend

Agile & Automation Afternoons are open to anyone who’s keen to hear about new technologies, in particular – the quality area.

Attending the A&A Afternoons is free of charge – all you need to do is to register yourself!
We have unlimited number of seats.


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Where can I find the link to enter A&A Afternoons?

All the useful information is at hand after you log into your account (



If you couldn’t join A&A Afternoons, visit in the section “Archives” where you’ll find video footage from the event, available at any time convenient.