Face uncertainty and intensify learning about Leadership with A&A Days Experts

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Agile and Automation Days 2018 theme is: “Face uncertainty, intensify learning”. This motto was guiding us to find best presentations and motivated us to come up with new and challenging conference forms which would give attendees opportunity to intensively learn from others experiences and hopefully find solutions to their problems.That is why in this year’s edition of the conference additionally to presentations and workshops, we will have two new forms of expression:

  • Expert Panels
  • Open Space- Discussion Panels.

According to Agile and Automation Days 2018 PROGRAM, on the first day of the conference we will run Expert Panel on Leadership.

In order to provide as diverse perspectives as possible we have invited experts representing different levels in their respective organisations. The group of experts consists of our excellent keynote speakers as well as special guests:

Karen N. Johnson – Director, Senior Manager, Agile & Automation Days keynote speaker.

Stephen Janaway  – Vice President of Engineering, Agile & Automation Days keynote speaker.

Michał Orzechowski – Development Team Lead with over 10+ years of experience in software industry. Spent last year figuring out what “Team Leading” is about and would like to share his learnings with you.

Michał Kujałowicz – Quality Engineering Manager, member of Agile & Automation Days Program Committee.

From the very beginning we wanted the Expert Panels to be driven by our attendees. Few weeks ago we sent a survey to all participants asking which topics they were most interested in. The people have spoken and discussions will revolve around two topics:

  • New leader 101 – I have just become a leader. What should I learn, what to focus on, what is most important, and what isn’t?
  • Manager or individual contributor – What is the right path for me?

Our experts have prepared short lightning talks on these two topics (10-15 minutes). This is to ramp up the discussion and encourage attendees and experts to dive deeper into details.

Neither of the topics caught your attention? Don’t worry, Expert Panel won’t be limited only to the selected topics. We have reserved some time for your problems and questions. Ask yourself what bothers you. What problems you face. Write them down and bring them onto the Expert Panel. Perhaps Experts will help.

Join us during the Panel on the first day of the conference and “Face uncertainty, intensify your learning” about Leadership with our Experts.