Face uncertainty and intensify learning about Automation with A&A Days Experts

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Is automation your thing? If so, you can’t miss Expert Panel on the topic that will take please on the second Days of Agile & Automation Days. Four experts will discuss two topics selected with your help, answer your questions, and offer guidance in solving problems you struggle with.

Our experts represent various points of view, come from different backgrounds, and work in various roles. Amongst them we have speakers and trainers of Agile & Automation Days 2018 and special guests who will come to share their experience with you.

Let us introduce you:

Milena Sobolewska– QA lead, opinionated and passionate engineer,

Michał Krzyżanowski – Principal QA Engineer, providing engineers with modern automation solutions,

Remigiusz Dudek– Software QA Engineer and Trainer, improving development processes of organisations,

Alexei Vinogradov – Test Evangelist, consulting on agile testing, quality assurance, and test automation.

Some time ago we sent you a survey to sense how you feel about various topics on automation. According to the results, the following two topics seem to catch your attention leaving other in behind:

  • Test automation in distributed systems. How do you automate tests of a system that is collection of many?
  • Test automation at scale. Fighting flaky tests. How to judge value of automated tests? Who owns flakes?

What’s the best way to spark off discussion if not slides. Thus our experts have prepared short lightning talks on the selected topics (10-15 minutes). Keep in mind slides are just to warm you and experts up. For the panel to work we need your engagement.

Neither of the two topics caught your attention? Don’t worry, Expert Panel won’t be limited only to the selected topics. We have reserved some time for your problems and questions.

Check out the PROGRAM and plan your participation in the panel.

This is the time for you!

Expert Panels are built around themes which have been selected by you, but keep in mind they will also contain a block for extra discussion and topics. Think what bothers you. What problems you face. Write them down and bring them onto the Expert Panels. Fight uncertainty, intensify your learning!

We can’t wait to see you, share ideas, and learn from you.