Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan “Acceptance Test Driven Development” – full day workshop

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The software industry is changing rapidly. With the new approaches to software development that have been introduced over the past 20 years we have learned that we can deliver value rapidly to our end users.  We have moved from yearly releases of our software to quarterly and sometimes even more frequent releases.  And yet the pace is increasing.  With the introduction of DevOps and the focus on Continuous Delivery we are learning that there is value in delivering small changes every day.

In order to work in this new world we need to change the way we test.  The idea of testing something after development is complete just doesn’t work when the code goes to production with each commit.  Even the idea of “regression” seems incompatible with the idea of CI/CD.

Join Cheezy as he introduces the technics and approaches necessary to deliver high quality software in this new world. In this hands-on workshop he will walk you through the creation of an application from scratch. As a tester you will focus on all aspects of quality for the application which include:

  • Story mapping to define the high-level application requirements and release strategy
  • Progressive Elaboration of our requirements
  • The Acceptance Test Driven Development workflow
  • Learning what to test, who should test it, and how much
  • Effective automation strategies to build useful non-brittle automation
  • How to truly leverage a Build Pipeline
  • How does DevOps change our testing approach

This workshop will for ever change the way you view testing and your role on the team.

Date:  Wednesday, 11.10.2017, 9 am – 5 pm

Location: Krakow, Park Inn by Radisson

Cost: 1700 PLN net

Number of seats is limited, register now!