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Ola Kunysz is a software engineer who spreads knowledge about tests and quality among programmers. She gained her experience in various projects in Europe and the United States. She likes to talk to people and learn difficult answers to simple questions.

When it’s time to relax, she’s offline [with dog(s), playing board games, in the mountains].




Every theme of the Agile & Automation Days conference Bart has helped put together, is special to him. Treats it very serious, and tries to follow its assumptions in professional life. He is no stranger to a change and transformation.

Started as test automation engineer. Became proficient in implementing functional, performance, and accessibility checks against web and mobile applications.

Instead of continuing the path of automation, as quality assistant, switched to helping developers learn exploratory testing, quality attributes, and automate processes.

Currently on the path to become superb product engineer, a person who lives inline with Werner Vogels vision, “You build it, You run it”. Learning and helping to build scalable, available, and reliable distributed systems, whilst appreciating chaos and complexity.

Outside of work, loves to cook. Hoping to make 12 different ramens this year. Other hobbies involve brewing and drinking coffee, traveling, sharing experience on various topics on software conferences.



In the software development field since 2005. From 2011 working at Spartez (partner of Atlassian). He started his career as Tester, then Test Manager, Quality Assistant, QA Team Lead and Quality Engineering Manager. Since 2018 Michal is Development Manager, with an organization consisting of over 40 Engineers.

For the last 5 years co-organizer of regular local testing community meetings – TrójQA. Academical teacher at post-graduate studies in Software Testing. Presenter at Software Engineering conferences and meet-ups in Poland. In 2017 and 2018 had the honor to be co-chair of the Agile & Automation Days conference.

Michal’s passion is around growing leaders and skills required to be one as well as teaching how to grow soft skills.

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