Adam Nowak

Netguru | Poland

BIO: I’m a dedicated, goal-driven individual, leveraging my experience to empower other fellow professionals. Nothing makes me feel better than the success of my team! I like to keep things clean and simple, starting from my todo list and ending with detailing cars!

I work as a Software Development Practice Lead in Netguru and my job is to keep improving processes around software we create. I also work closely with Engineering Managers on day-to-day challenges involving company growth and ever-changing software environment.

TALK: Continuous * – increasing business value by embracing the DevOps culture

Session level: beginner

Do you think that creating a process is going to solve all the issues? Or that your automation is bullet proof? Maybe a team will solve all the issues for you? Ekhm… Nope!

A few years ago we created a dedicated DevOps Team with an aim to solve technical issues which slowed our project teams. We did everything we could: we hired experts, we improved automation, we created a team of specialists. Unaware of the consequences, we entered a very dangerous path with a lot of obstacles related to technology, people, and culture. And we failed.

Without that fail in a purely technical area, we wouldn’t understand the value that the DevOps could bring to the entire organization. I’m going to present you a few examples of our learnings that changed to how we use continuous improvement approach in our flow and how we deal with pipelines in various departments, starting from software delivery end ending somewhere among the Growth/Marketing team. Let me show you how continuous * and automation helps us growth and deliver at speed in a 600+ strong company.


  • CALMS (Culture Automation Lean Measturement Sharing) model is universal and might be applied to the entire organization. Technology itself is not enough!
  • Good change takes time and change is everything nowadays. Embracing continuous * is the way to go for modern organizations.
  • There are plenty of tools and practices which allows us to implement continuous improvement around us.