Domenico Musto

Spektrix | United Kingdom

BIO: Passionate hands on software architect with over 15 years of experience. I am a strong advocate of distributed systems, ReST, event driven architecture, messaging, automation testing and continuous delivery with an obsession for clean codeMy main areas of expertise are C#, .NET, OO, TDD, BDD, ATDD, DDD, CQRS, Agile Engineering Practices. I am a frequent speaker at international conferences.

TALK: Safe at any speed with contract testing

Session level: intermediate

You have migrated the monolithic architecture to a distributed system and you live happily in the world of microservices. Your teams want to work independently to add value and increase time to market but the integration between different components and microservices is challenging and complex. How can we make sure that services can change often and independently without breaking the integration with other parts of the system?

In this talk we will explore the concepts of boundary, contract and consumer driven testing and how automation plays a key role in being safe at speed.


  • Contract testing, automation and tooling
  • Consumer driven testing, automation and tooling.