Elaine Sullivan (WORKSHOP)

Elaine K Sullivan | United Kingdom

BIO: Having caught the technology bug at age 9, Elaine started her IT career straight from school and by age 24, was the Network Manager for Compaq UK; she also spear-headed their European Network Managers group to facilitate European wide collaboration.

Throughout the course of years, she has worked with most of the major technology providers and has seen at first-hand how high intensity, demanding workplaces can impact personnel. It was this that led her to start her own business, Skybrook Consultants, where she can use real life, ‘in the trenches’, experience to offer insight, guidance, and training on leadership, collaboration and, more importantly, resilience in the workplace.
She has previously worked with organisations as diverse as London Victoria Insurance and Hampshire Constabulary, UK, and, amongst others, has spoken at events such as

    • Unicom Test Conference (UK), 2017
    • Agile on the Beach (UK), 2017 and 2018
    • ACE! (Krakow, Poland) 2019.

Elaine’s style is always about injecting humour and fun into whatever she is speaking about. She’s dynamic, bold and engaging.

WORKSHOP: Building resilience and bounce-back-ability – how neuroscience can work for you

Session level: beginner

The speed of life that we are all expected to live is impacting our health. Within our industry our environment is constantly changing and, the superfast, day by day, intensity requires ever increasing resilience to deal with the potential stresses and strains that this can bring. To some people this resilience seemingly comes naturally, but to others not. But resilience to carry you through life can be learnt.

Attendees will be provided with tools to analyse their own working style and become more aware of how this style can be used to their best advantage and, in doing so, how they can eliminate the less advantageous elements.

Through instruction, trainer led facilitation, and practical exercises the tutorial will enable the attendees will develop a more resilient mindset leading to them being able to better handle their day to day roles and cope with the challenge of change.


To provide will understand the basics of the neuroscience of stress, allowing attendees to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and in doing so learn how to bounce back from stressful situations. And in understanding their own behaviours and style of working, they will learn how to see the opportunities within them and how to go on to thrive.


As a result of the workshop the attendees:

  • will have a better understanding of their own personal style, strengths and weaknesses
  • will understand the positive and less empowering elements of thought processes and learn how to use this insight to the their (and their colleagues) advantage
  • will be equipped with the tools for a more resilient mindset to be better able to manage themselves and their emotions
  • can initiate a less stressful and more productive, efficient work environment, empowering themselves and those around them which, in turn, has the secondary advantage of reducing fatigue and stress.