Geoffrey van der Tas

Ordina | the Netherlands

BIO: Geoffrey is an enthusiastic professional and a real explorer. As an explorer he likes to discover new things, learn more and get inspired. His career started in testing as a tester, test manager and test consultant he helped to make sure software products obtained the high quality standard. But his curious and discovering nature was never satisfied with just testing. His great passion is to inspire others, teach professionals and help companies with tackling their struggles. This also lead to becoming Dutch Software Testing Champion in 2018(after the 2nd place in 2017).

WORKSHOP: Resilience Testing: Let the chaos begin!

Co-Speaker: Mark Abrahams
Session level: intermediate

Nowadays we build applications via the microservice principles to make our applications easier to maintain, deploy, test and change. These microservices can easily be deployed on cloud platforms. Multiple microservices together form one application. But is that application resilient? What happens if one of the microservices fails? What happens if one microservice gets slower? That is what we will do during this workshop. Together with you we will test the resilience of an application by creating chaos in the form of failures & disruptions, to see what happens to our application.


  • You will learn about Performance testing and you will acctually do your own load/stress tests!
  • You will learn what Resilience Testing is, how it can help you and you will do your own first resilience tests!
  • How important testing Resilience is and how easy you can start with it!