Jevgeni Demidov

Pipedrive | Estonia

BIO: I have been in the software development industry for seven years now. During my journey in IT area, I worked on different software development aspects, which starts with defining roadmaps, organizing the development process, hiring people, and ends with writing technical planning, microservices and testing frameworks development, and CI/CD system maintenance.

TALK: How we deliver up to 120 changes per day at Pipedrive

Session level: intermediate

At Pipedrive, we deploy our changes to different types of environment in 3 datacenters up to 350 times per day, which includes up to 120 deployments to production daily. Considering these numbers, we should be flexible enough to deliver new features in a fast and reliable way. I will introduce the processes and tools that we have implemented so far and what challenges we have ahead.


  • Which processes should be in place to keep up the pace in CI/CD
  • Tools required for having a rapid deployment of software
  • Essential things that keep your deployments fast and reliable 24/7.