Kamila Gawrońska

Lean QA | Poland

BIO: By education, I am a biomedical engineer, electronics engineer and project manager – a typical full-stack employee. I believe that everyone is able to learn everything, it is a matter of attitude. During my adventure in the IT world, I have had the opportunity to work as quality assurance, business analyst, UX designer, and project manager. It seems that it is time to be a programmer. I gained my experience in research and development projects in the field of construction, automotive, medical and smart city. My skills are confirmed by ISTQB, PSM I, PSPO I, IREB certificates.

For many years I have been sharing my knowledge as part of industry events. I like to question the status quo and lead verbal fencing on arguments supported by facts and hard data – and because of that teams with I work with are either like or hate me.

As a typical girl from the technical university, I like drinking beers in the company of strict minds.

WORKSHOP: Secure and Testable Immutable Infrastructure

Co-Speaker: Wojciech Gawroński
Session level: intermediate

Immutable Infrastructure is one of the most popular mechanisms for providing deliverables in cloud computing and cloud-native environments. In the era where most of the IT projects uses Docker containers or cloud computing, container, and machine images become one of the artifacts of the software development lifecycle. How we can ensure that we can deliver and maintain those artifacts with a proper level of quality? How to ensure that security patching and maintenance does not introduce new issues to the process? The answer is related to testable and secured immutable infrastructure which you are able to achieve implementing some best practices to your delivery process.


  • Learn about how to automate tests of the infrastructure images or configuration management
  • Learn about how to automate security compliance testing
  • Learn how to introduce testability and security compliance to the Infrastructure as Code.