Łukasz Rosłonek

128 Solutions/Webinterpret | Poland

BIO: Łukasz is a dedicated Lead QA Engineer who advices teams in implementing continuous delivery solutions with use of test automation and TestOps practices. He specialises in testing distributed architecture and connecting agile mindset with top notch technology. Big enthusiast of open-source software and continuous testing approach. Author of test & QA related articles and frequent speaker at various IT events. After hours, a guitar nerd and martial-arts student.

TALK: Performance testing in continuous delivery

Session level: advanced

Performance testing is still a blurry field for many people – to execute them effectively we not only need to know tools, but to understand metrics, system architecture and infrastructure. Distributed architecture and cloud native applications are helping to build scalable and highly available services, but also bringing even more challenges to properly test and assure the performance of our system. While we all understand importance of continuous delivery with continuous testing included, we usually omit performance testing in it, despite performance being one of the key aspects of application quality.

In this talk we will discuss the tools for performance testing and we’ll learn why some of the tools are lying to us. We will recognise most important metrics and learn how to read them. We will review the setup of performance tests included in continuous delivery pipeline. Finally, during live-demo we will create scalable, on-demand load-injectors cluster created with open-source tools and AWS cloud.


  • What tools should be used for performance tests
  • Difference between close-model and open-model tools and why some of the tools are lying to us
  • How to build and setup scalable and on-demand cluster for performance testing in AWS cloud.