Marcin Sikorski


BIO: Public speaker (f.e. TEDx, seeTest), writer, tester, influencer, mentor. Specialist of Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 working in IT since 2013. Author of the book “Real IT World – Internet of Things”. Advisor for Polish government (IoT department) & CPK in the area of where the IoT can be implemented in Poland and how exactly this can be achieved. Currently working with smart solutions for nuclear power plants. Member of Poland Hong Kong Business Association and SJSI who after hours teaches companies how to understand smart transformation and Chinese culture.

TALK: IoT connects the world but not the people (except lawyers)

Discussions about IoT technology and next-generation smart devices focus solely on the financial and technological aspects of proposed solutions. As much as desire and willingness of creators is noble, the language used to describe those technologies is very inconsistent, chaotic and unstable resulting in defining the same concepts in multiple, often contradictory ways. Moreover, due to the materialistic nature of technology itself, such topics as trustworthiness for smart devices, ethical aspects of using tech, security concerns and mitigations are not touched often enough, and this results in a general public doubt. Consumers do not sympathize with IoT describing it as an extremely unstable, hard to understand concept.

I analyze the root cause of this problem and address impending societal paradox in which we are connecting smart devices in a more efficient way than ever before but at the same time we are distancing people. The only remaining one who are most satisfied with this chaotic situation are lawyers which benefit most from this chaos. Let’s propose solutions and suggest possible ways to overcome the difficult situation in which modern IoT found itself in.