Tomasz Klepacki

JIT Team | Poland

BIO: Test Automation Lead and Test Architect at JIT Team and LPP S.A. Tester with over 8 years of experience in designing, developing and maintaning automated tests for web applications and performance tests. Tomasz gained his testing experience by executing projects in the insurance, maritime, information management and e-commerce sectors. For the last 4 years worked on designing test strategies, providing test infrastructure and frameworks for the LPP E-Commerce department. Currently maintaning and improving test automation frameworks for the Signal Maritime project. Enthusiast of test automation, new technologies and Test-Ops topics. Speaker at various test events, consultant and test automation trainer.

TALK: Heavy Load Testing: How we survived Black Friday

Session level: beginner

  • Types of performance tests – Performance Testing, Stress Testing, Load Testing
  • Business goal – 100K users
  • Conversion of a business goal into RPS (Request Per Seconds)
  • RPS goals per e-commerce store
  • Traffic distribution based on the role of customers
  • Performance cross-functional team
  • Performance team workflow
  • Load Test data creation
  • Test scenario – JMeter
  • Load testing infrastructure – Blazemeter
  • Blazemeter – configuration and reports
  • Performance tests documentation
  • Performance bottlenecks – examples
  • Most important performance optimizations:
    • Infrastructure extension
    • Performance Hackathon – Blackfire
    • Test scenario continuous improvement
  • Black Friday – Results
  • Plans for the future – Locust and internal load testing infrastructure.


  • Listener will learn about how we managed to survive Black Friday Sale traffic by running a series of load tests based on requests per seconds measure
  • Listener will find out how the creation of performance cross-functional team let us to consistently eliminate the applications performance bottlenecks
  • Listener will learn how we designed the test scenario and how tools such as JMeter and Blazemeter let us efficiently measure application’s performance.