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Do you want to be seen and heard during the best software testing conference in Poland? Take the chance to be part of Agile & Automation Days and join us!

What is Agile & Automation Days?
Agile & Automation Days is a practical conference, both in terms of the presented lectures and accompanying panel discussions. Conference participants have also the opportunity to participate in selected mini-workshops. It’s a unique chance to be taught by one of the best people in the industry.

Who is it dedicated to?
It is mainly dedicated to Test Automation Specialists, Scrum Masters, Test Leads, but also Developers, Project and Product Managers, Software Architects, IT Managers, Designers, Performance and Security Experts and Coaches.

Why Agile & Automation Days?
The conference is an interactive experience that allows its participants to look at the subject of Agile and automation in many different ways.
During the Agile & Automation Days we present topics that have not been seen or heard before in Poland.
It is the most technical and practical software testing conference in Poland.

Why become Agile & Automation Days Sponsor?

  • To get visibility – proudly present your brand and latest solutions or services to the software testing professionals.
  • To recruit – meet software testing professionals from all around Poland to create a space to interact with them and create new relations.
  • To elevate your profile – be an active member of a Polish software testing community.
  • To learn – participate in the conference and meet world class software testing experts to exchange knowledge and experience.


Agile & Automation Days has been three times awarded (2017-2019) the Best Polish Commercial Conference by, the most read Polish portal on software testing.