Meet Agile & Automation Days 2018 speaker- Dmitry Lyubarskiy

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Who would not like to know what happens behind the scenes of Facebook where thousands of developers are committing multiple changes everyday.

Meet Agile & Automation Days speaker Dmitry Lyubarskiy, Software Engineer at Facebook UK working on testing infra who will tell you about Scaling Testing @ Facebook.

This talk is dedicated to measures that have been taking @Facebook to move test signal to pre-commit while using feasible amount of resources.

During this session you will learn that it is a good idea to move everything to pre-commit, ie, test while developer is still thinking about changes, combining pull requests together is a tradeoff between time to signal and resources spent. What is more, you will get the answer to how combining pull requests is related to the Poisoned Wine Problem. You will get the tips od optimistic and pessimistic strategies of combining pull requests and how it is related to the cost of blame about different approaches of fighting flakiness.

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